Performance in the areas of mould design and plastics engineering

Competent solutions.

We are renowned for our competence. Whether a specific product solution or a project – we always offer you a tailored solution. We offer high performance – especially where service and consulting are concerned.

Thanks to our extensive technical know-how, we can assure our customers of reliability in project planning and implementation at all times. We are a reliable partner to be depended on at all times. And to safeguard our performance and competitiveness for the future, we work towards constantly optimising our organisation in order to further improve the quality of our products, processes and services.

In the area of mould design, we specialise in complex die-cast (Vacural and structural casting) and injection moulds (MuCell® technology, hybrid technology, stack moulding, gas-assisted injection moulding, unscrewing moulds).

As experts regarding complex components in the area of plastics engineering, we offer economical solutions for the automotive, electrical and household goods industries by means of excellent production processes (using hybrid, automated and MuCell® technologies), components/assemblies and services.